AAE Alliances

Greeting letter from ASE

Dear Jae,

Congratulations on the honor of leading the Asian-Pacific Association of
Echocardiography! Best wishes to Dr. Ha, Dr. Takahiro, and all of the organizers.
ASE and AAE share a common mission of promoting echocardiography.
I am including ASE leadership on this communication. We look forward to close collaboration!

Warm regards,

Greeting letter from EACVI

Dear Jae,

first of all it was great to meet you in LA (AHA) with Taka. This is great news
to hear about the creation of the Asian-Pacific Association of Echocardiography (AAE).
I’m sure it will be a successful story. Luigi and I will discuss this during our board meetings in Athens next week.
As you know the EAE has been renamed EACVI: European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging involving echo,CMR,CT, and Nuclear Cardiology.
The goal of the EACVI will be to promote ECHO and the other imaging modalities with a common specific target ‘the patient’.
The EACVI is currently working on increasing its connexions all over the world and will be delighted to
collaborate and promote future partnership with the AAE by targeting the education on ECHO.
Luigi Badano will be the Chair of the International Affairs Committee and will link with Dr. Jong-Won Ha in order to start working on possible
collaborative projects and to better know your needs and expectations.

Warm regards,

Greeting letter from ECOSIAC

Dear Jae,

Congratulations for the birth de Asian Pacific Association of Echocardiography (AAE).
I am am so happy that AAE were inspired in part by ECOSIAC.
It would be a great pleasure and honor working together to promote Echocardiography world-wide.
Actually, Dr. Pedro Gutierrez Fajardo is the ECOSIAC president.
Thank you so much for your message,Gustavo
Past president ECOSIAC