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President’s Address


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Asian-Pacific Association of Echocardiography (AAE), I like to welcome you to the 2nd  AAE meeting to be held in conjunction with the  Korean Society of Echocardiography in Seoul, Korea from November 8 to 9, 2014. AAE was established in 2012 to promote optimal clinical use and investigation of Echocardiography in Asian-Pacific region. We had the first meeting in Beijing last year very successfully and will have close to 30 international faculty members this year who will provide the most up-to-date information regarding innovative technology in Echocardiography as well as clinically pertinent knowledge and interesting cases. We are very pleased that colleagues from South-East Asia, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and America will participate in the meeting.

Echocardiography is the single most useful cardiac imaging tool in our care of patients with a cardiac condition. While it provides diagnostic and prognostic information, the reliability and the accuracy of the techniques depends on the expertise of sonographers and physicians who perform and/or interpret the study. Hence, education and training are critical to maintaining the quality and the diagnostic impact of Echocardiography.  We hope that AAE can provide the necessary training and quality control of Echocardiography examination in Asian-Pacific population. To achieve that goal, Asian-Pacific Echocardiography communities need to work together to share information common and specific to Asian-Pacific population and patients.

I like to thank various international Echocardiography Societies (European Association of CV Imaging, American Society of Echocardiography, ECOSIAC ) for their recognition of AAE and a promise for future collaborations to optimize the use of Echocardiography globally.  AAE will have a joint scientific session and exchange of YIA (young investigator award) winner with EACVI at the upcoming Euro Echo (CVI) meeting this December.  Our goal cannot be achieved without a strong partnership with Industry leaders and want to thank our Industry partners for their support for this meeting and future endeavors.

Seoul, Korea is an exciting and fascinating city where you can find both the traditional culture and the famous K-Pop in Gang-Nam style within few miles apart.  Incheon International Airport welcomes all foreign visitors with a grandeur and state-of-the-arts facility. Korean Society of Echocardiography working with Dr. Satoshi Nakatani of Japanese Society of Echocardiogaphy as the Scientific Chair of the AAE will provide you memorable social as well as scientific events at this meeting.  We are already planning the 3rd AAE meeting in Taiwan (2015) and the 4th meeting in Japan (2016) which will contribute greatly to the growth of Echocardiography  not only in Asian-Pacific Region, but also all other parts of the world.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in Seoul this November and appreciate your support for our growth.

Sincerely and with a passion for Echocardiography,


Jae K. Oh, MD

President, Asian-Pacific Association of Echocardiography